I was born in 1955 in the city of Satoraljaujhely in Borsod county (in the eastern part of Hungary) however I started my schooling in Baranya county (Southern part of Hungary). I have spent wonderful years in the high school of Leowy at Pecs (it is a big city in Baranya county) however I graduated from high school in the city where I was born. Since I was not permitted to continue my studies at the university I chose a trade, as it was my father's wish, I became a tanner (one that tans hides). I learned to know my wife in 1977 and we have two sons, Christopher and Oliver. I got tired of my studies at the university of economy after three years. I have been a tanner having my own business, traveling merchant, insurance agent, pilot, assistant cameraman, coal miner, also one who was in charge of explosives, boat master, director of a incorporation, business manager. I have been involved in many occupations but finally I remained with my original trade, that is being a tanner. Slowly I started to like it. In 1998 I passed the master's examination in the field of tannery.

We have been living in Germany since 1991, here we have found our new home and the possibility of our existence. We go home (to Hungary) as often as possible. We fell in love with our small house in Dravatamasi (in Somogy county). If you travel in this direction, please drop in and visit us, you are welcome.